Mellat Holding Company was established 20 years ago with a dream of becoming a leading organization in Iraq and the Middle East. 20 years on, Mellat Holding Company had become Mellat Group compris-ing 14 companies covering various industrial and commercial sectors.

With the eventual relaxation of the economy in Kurdistan, Mellat was amongst the pioneering enter-prises to establish multi-specialty companies to answer the needs of a fast-growing economy. It was our forward-thinking that prompted us to establish Mellat Group in Erbil – the capital of the Kurdistan region in Iraq – and to later expand to branches in Baghdad and Basra.

From these beginnings, we have achieved significant growth and expansion of activities led by a team of professional and dedicated consultants.

Through our commitment to excellence in standards and practices, and through solid relationships built with international partners who share the same vision and determination to succeed, Mellat Group was transformed into Mellat Holding Company.


Mellat Group is owned by Mellat Holding Company, and is the leading group in the Iraqi market in various verticals. Mr. Idris Surchi and Mr. Luqman Surchi owners of Mellat Holding have been investing in the Iraqi market through the Holding itself for over 15 years in different industries. Mellat Holding owns and manage ten companies located in Iraq, London, turkey and Dubai.


Our investment success relies on three points:

  • A strong consultancy team
  • Following a sustainable decision making process
  • Setting clear investment goals

Our investment process is designed to focus on the strategic projects that matters for wider society and the development of the local market. As we believe that focusing on customer satisfaction and servicing will deliver returns through financial profits in the long-term.

To allow us to grow the Holding portfolio we have created distinct specialized companies to assess and study high value projects by providing sufficient expertise and time for each one separately.

In any type of investment, whether it is a direct investment or a fund investment, the life cycle of the investment follows 4 main stages to limit risk and ensure profitability.



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