Exchange banking services

Mellat For Exchange

& banking services

We specialise in the provision of money transfer, foreign currency exchange and wholesale currency services

Exchange banking services

Retail & Corporates

We got all your money transfer and currency exchange needs covered!
  • * Wide variety of Services * Safe and secure * Fast and Reliable worldwide payment options * Very competitive rates on foreign currencies
Exchange banking services

Wholesale Services

Fast, safe & reliable global wholesale banknote service offering bespoke door-to-door solutions for all your businesses individual needs.
  • * An Experienced Team * Wide Choice of Currencies * Reduced Costs * Reduced Risk * Global Capacity
Mellat Holding

Retail & Corporate

We have tailored our Money Transfer and Currency Exchange services to suit the needs of an international customer base and have built a network of over 80 strategically located exchanges with the objective of consistently delivering the highest level of service and customer care.

Money Transfer

When sending money through one of Mellat Exchanges established entities, customers can choose from direct bank transfers or instant cash pick-up services ensuring that every customer has the facility to get their money where it needs to be, at competitive fees and great exchange rates. Our instant cash pick up services allow money to be sent and received within minutes across the globe and with the use of SWIFT and Telegraphic transactions, our direct bank transfers are delivered within 48 hours or less.

Corporate Services

We understand the daily challenges organisations face and that every business needs are unique. That’s why we have developed a suite of business-friendly products for our corporate business customers to help make their lives easier. We provide thousands of organisations around iraq access to fast and reliable services and have built our success on a strong foundation of care, trust and efficiency – always seeking to build enduring relationships.

Rent & Fee Collection

Mellat Exchanges Corporate makes the process of rent collection easy for landlords and agents (property management companies) by providing tenants the facility to pay their monthly rent at any of Mellat Exchanges branches or through online transfer via Smart Money. The funds would be transferred to the landlord or agent’s account the following day.

Mellat Exchange saves you valuable time and resources by simplifying the fee collection processes for schools, universities and other institutes. With the growing demand for quick payment services, Mellat Exchange offers a convenient solution by providing students and parents the facility of paying their fees securely and on time through any of any Mellat Exchanges network branches.

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Mellat Exchange

Wholesale Services

Mellat Exchange Wholesale Currency Services (WCS) delivers global and market leading wholesale banknotes offering bespoke solutions to Banks, MSBs and to Corporate. Our focus is to provide a complete client specific integral services, creating a global bridge for wholesale banknote needs.

Our bespoke services including door-to-door solutions are tailor fitted and take into consideration every business’ individual needs. Speed, security and reliability are at the forefront of what we do and are the cornerstone of our rapidly expanding corporate division.


Experienced Team

Access to a global team of banknote dealers all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in banknotes global markets. Our global trading desks are based in Iraq.


Global Capacity & Reach

Our services can be reached 7 days a week, enabling our clients to access streamlined sourcing and delivery of all major currencies at global scale.



Choose from a range of delivery options including door to door arrangement to suit your business operation model.


Minimized Risk

Mellat Exchange solutions helps you to decrease exposure to multiple counterparty risk, and exposure to currency devaluation.


Cost Savings

Eliminating the need of multiple foreign currency arrangements and idle banknotes stocks, and therefore reduce its associated costs.


Bank That We Work With



Mellat Holding
List of Notible banks iraq
  • Rafidain bank
  • RT Bank
  • Cihan Bank
  • Trade bank of iraq
  • bank of Baghdad
  • Commercial bank of iraq
  • Babylon bank
  • National bank of iraq
  • Mansour bank for investment
  • Erbil bank
  • National islamic bank
  • Byblos bank
Mellat Holding
List of some of notable exchange office network
  • Quick Wave exchange
  • Hanzo Group Money Exchange
  • Dahat Company for Currency Exchange
  • Vamal Exchange
  • Global Cash
  • Hatwan Company
  • Alruaa Exchange
  • Al-Taif Company for Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • TekanExchange