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At Mellat Holding, we offer comprehensive investment and financial services designed to grow and protect your wealth.



In This Sector, We Have Spearheaded Numerous Projects, Leveraging The Expertise Of Our Specialized Managerial Staff In Consulting, Real Estate, Investment, And Property Management. With A Wealth Of Experience In Managing And Maintaining Housing Complexes, We Boast A Portfolio Of Real Estate Properties Strategically Located In Key Areas. Currently, We Are Engaged In The Development And Maintenance Of Tourist Towers And Commercial Markets Across Various Regions In Kurdistan. Our Ambition To Invest In Real Estate Remains Steadfast, Driven By The Increasing Demand For Residential Buildings, Commercial Markets, And Office Spaces. We Are Actively Developing Several Tourist And Commercial Towers, Both Independently And In Collaboration With Offshore Investors. In Addition To Real Estate Endeavors, We Excel In Managing Financial Investment Portfolios And Conducting Comprehensive Economic Studies. Our Services Extend To Providing Financial And Currency Exchange Services To International And Iraqi Companies, In Collaboration With Banks And International Finance Institutions. We Have Also Established Exchange And Money Transfer Companies To Facilitate Seamless Transactions. Continuously Evolving, We Are Committed To Expanding Our Services In This Sector. We Aspire To Establish Partnerships With International Banks To Establish A Local Bank, With The Aim Of Achieving A Level Of Excellence Comparable To That Of International Financial And Insurance Institutions.
Mellat Company For Financial Services, We Are More Than Just A Financial Services Provider. We Are Strategic Partners, Dedicated To Fueling Growth And Success For Our Clients. Our Commitment Extends Beyond Transactions; We Actively Contribute To The Realization Of Strategic Projects Across Various Sectors.

Our Services

Comprehensive Investment and Financial Solutions for a Secure Future

At Mellat Holding, we provide a wide range of investment and financial services designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Our expertise spans multiple sectors, ensuring that your investments are strategically managed and optimized for growth and stability. Discover how our tailored services can support your financial ambitions.

1. Investment Projects

Investing in high-potential projects is a cornerstone of wealth creation. We offer expert guidance and management for a variety of investment projects, from startups to established enterprises.

2.Industrial and Housing Projects

Industrial and housing projects present unique opportunities for long-term growth and steady income.

3. Gas Plant Investments

Investing in gas plants requires specialized knowledge and expertise. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your investments in gas plants are successful.

4. Trade of Oil and Gas

The oil and gas trade is a dynamic and lucrative sector. Our services are designed to navigate the complexities of this market.

FF Steel

Investment in FF Steel Factory

Investment Projects

Investing in high-potential projects is a cornerstone of wealth creation. We offer expert guidance and management for a variety of investment projects, from startups to established enterprises. Our services include:

Project Analysis: In-depth evaluation of potential investment opportunities.
Risk Assessment: Comprehensive risk analysis to safeguard your investments.
Capital Allocation: Strategic distribution of capital to maximize returns.

Shari Bazrgani

Our latest commercial project, the Shari Bazrgani, showcases our expertise and commitment to excellence. This project features:

150 Commercial Showrooms:

We constructed 150 commercial showrooms, each designed to meet modern business needs.

Two Floors Per Showroom:

Each showroom includes two floors, providing ample space for various commercial activities.

200 Square Meters Each:

Every showroom is 150 square meters, offering a generous area for display and operations.

The Shari Bazrgani project is a testament to our capability to deliver large-scale commercial developments that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Industrial and Housing Projects

Industrial and housing projects present unique opportunities for long-term growth and steady income. Our services in this area cover:

Market Research: Detailed market analysis to identify lucrative industrial and housing opportunities.
Project Development: Full-cycle management from conception to completion.
Sustainable Practices: Incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into project planning.

Board Production Facility:

Welcome to our Advanced Board Production Facility, where we specialize in crafting high-quality boards for diverse industrial applications. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies and adheres to rigorous quality control standards to ensure every board meets the highest benchmarks of reliability and performance. Our experienced team is dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency, providing tailored solutions for industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and more. Explore our commitment to excellence and discover how our facility can be your trusted partner in delivering superior board products.


steel pipe production facility

High Production Capacity:

With the ability to produce 360,000 tons of welded steel pipes annually, our facility ensures a steady and reliable supply to meet market demands.

Gas Bottling Plant Investments

Our investment in four gas bottling plants, with a combined annual capacity of 500,000 bottles, was driven by several key strategic considerations.

Market Demand:

-High and growing demand for bottled gas in both residential and industrial sectors.
-Increasing urbanization and development in Iraq, leading to greater energy needs.

Resource Availability:

Abundance of natural gas resources in Iraq, ensuring a steady supply for bottling operations.

Economic Potential:

Attractive investment climate with government incentives and support for foreign investment.

Sustainability and Safety:

Commitment to environmental sustainability and adherence to international safety standards.
Implementation of robust safety protocols to ensure the well-being of employees and the community.

Economic Diversification:

Creation of job opportunities and support for local economic growth through the gas bottling plant.

Trade of Oil and Gas

At Mellat , we provide specialized financing solutions tailored for the trading of oil and gas in Iraq. Our expertise in the energy sector, combined with our financial acumen, makes us the ideal partner for businesses engaged in this critical industry.

Market Insights: Up-to-date information and analysis on global oil and gas markets.
Logistics Management: Efficient handling of the logistics involved in trading oil and gas.
Risk Mitigation: Strategies to manage and mitigate risks associated with volatile markets.
Why Choose us ?
  • Expertise: Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience across various sectors, including industrial, housing, gas plants, and oil and gas trade.
  • Tailored Solutions: We provide customized services that align with your specific investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Transparency: We maintain clear and open communication, ensuring you are informed at every step of the investment process.
  • Proven Success: Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients demonstrates our commitment to excellence.
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