Financial Sector

We have many projects that we have developed in this sector. Our specialized managerial staff handle consulting, real estate, investment, and real estate management. Our staff are experienced in the management and maintenance of housing complexes. We have a number of real estate properties in important locations.

At present we are undertaking the development and maintenance of buildings, touristic towers and commercial markets in several regions of Kurdistan.

We still have a great ambition in investing in real estate to answer the growing needs of residential buildings, commercial markets, and office buildings. At present, we are developing several touristic and commercial towers for our company as well as some off-shore investors.

We manage financial investment portfolios and we do the planning and economic studies. We have undertaken financial and money changing services for several international and Iraqi companies in cooperation with banks and international finance companies. We have opened exchange and money transfer companies.

We are diligently developing our services in this sector and seek partnership opportunities with an international bank to open a local bank. Our aim is to reach a level comparable to the international financial bank and insurance companies.

This objective is to answer the ever growing needs in the region for these services triggered by the open market economy adopted by Kurdistan region to attract off-shore investment capitals in the various sectors.


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