Mellat for Transportation is a subsidiary of the Mellat Group. This company has been established with the goal of improving public transportation services by introducing the latest technologies in the transportation and logistics industry to the Iraqi market.

Mellat for Transportation has introduced ENOK as a solution that shortens the distance for passengers and taxis to one click on a mobile phone app. The new app performs like a bridge between the customer and the selected database of drivers chosen based on specific criteria. The second way of connecting passengers and taxis is through call centers, where operators delegate a vehicle to a customer based on their location, destination and any other specific need such as language preference.

School Transportation:

ENOK can serve Schools and Universities via modern technologies that enable the school administrators, parents and company control room to monitor the trips via GPS and live positioning systems – and to see real-time camera footages from inside the vehicle. An online attendance report of each vehicle is a further asset of the system.

Smart Public Transportation:

The traditional taxi services and non-qualified drivers have caused dissatisfaction of public about the transportation system in Kurdistan. Lacking alternative means of public transportation such as subway or bus system has obliged costumers to use the sub-standard taxi services.

Residential Compounds:

Dedicated taxis can be allocated in residential compounds in order to have taxis at the shortest time for residents in addition to the mobile app and call center. Taxi ordering kiosks also can be placed in strategic places in compounds or in the lobby of an apartment.

In spite of some adverse circumstances, we are still continuing to provide our services efficiently and diligently.


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