Our beginnings in this field were simple and limited in scope. With our own initiative, we are developing a plan for the completion of previous projects with the objective to develop and upgrade this sector.

We are planning to add larger lands to be reclaimed and developed, based on our previous experience in this field. We have extensive experience in the importation of fertilizers and insecticides in addition to tractors. We have established many greenhouses and farms, and constructed many dams for FAO and governmental grain silos. Also, we implemented many irrigation channels and executed contracts for landscaping of roads and sports fields.

Our aim and interest lie in the development of the agricultural sector, to achieve self-sufficiency in the region of Kurdistan. We also contribute to landscaping projects in the areas surrounding Erbil which enhance and protect the environment and keep presently we are undertaking the study of an investment project to develop animal products making use of international programs and technologies of livestock resources, in addition to the construction of a dairy factory for milk yogurt and fresh cheese of the highest international standards and specifications.


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